Living Original

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I have been contemplating on what direction I wanted to take my blog. I enjoy writing about new articles of clothing. I enjoy sharing new make up products I have tried and fell in love with. I will still write about those things, however, I want to take the blog to a whole new level. I want the blog to serve a purpose. I want to reach out to others and encourage them to live original and be the best/beautiful you. Being the best/beautiful you does not mean you need to purchase the newest trend of clothing or try the new contouring make up trick. Being the best/beautiful you is about living original. I want us to be able to look into ourselves and find our unique talents, skills, and what truly makes us happy. Many times we deal with the struggle of managing weight, styling our hair, and lacking self confidence. I want this blog to encourage others to be a positive example. I want others to help motivate each other and be that striving force to excel. This blog is going to contain scriptures, motivational stories and quotes. It will also contain beauty tricks to make life simpler, and clothing styles to spark up an idea of what you may already have in your closet but haven’t worn in a while. I hope you all enjoy the content to come. Have a blessed day.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

A Blissful Trip to Wine Country




The trip to wine country in Fredericksburg was blissful.  We visited a variety a Vineyards while being able to taste delicious wines. One of my favorite things to do during the weekend is to sit outside, eat cheese with crackers and drink a glass of wine. During the trip we visited a wine bar which allowed us to create our own cheese board. Lately I have been favoring pairing brie with raspberry preservatives servered with water crackers and a glass of chardonay.

During the day we visited the vineyards and walked through several blocks of shops. I chose to wear jeans with a chic white top, paired with a scarf and a light sweater for a day in the town. I believe in staying comfortable if you have a long day ahead of you. During the evening we enjoyed trying out new restaurants.  I chose to wear ankle pants with a floral top and kitten heels for one of the nights out in the town. Lately I have been favoring ankle pants, they are comfortable yet add that hint of chic you sometimes need.

One of my favorite moments during the trip was being able to hike Enchanted Rock. We hiked nearly 4 miles that consisted of uneven trails, large rocks, and water streams. During the hike I  couldnt help but thank God for blessing us with the beautiful nature scenes that we sometimes take for granted. At times we allow ourselves to become consumed with our careers or other non important things. We sometimes  need to stop what we are doing and appreciate the blessings God has given us. This trip allowed me to clear my head and helped remind me that life is too short. I need to live in the moment at times and remember that we have nothing to fear, for God has a plan for us.







Night out in Fredericksburg


Wine country is filled with exquisite bed and breakfast cottages, wineries, and restaurants. This weekend we visited several wineries and shopped at the local shops. I love being able to walk through several blocks of shops consisting of food and handcrafted pieces of art. If you have a chance to visit Fredericksburg,  I recommend visiting the Grape Creek Vineyard and the Becker Vineyard.  They had professional wine servers that took their time to explain to you each wine you were tasting.

During this time of year, weather in Texas can fluctuate from cold to warm in a manner of a few hours. I paired this long sleeve floral blouse with ankle pants and black kitten heels. These ankle pants from Banana Republic are my favorite at the moment. I have purchased several of these in a variety of colors. They are very chic and comfortable making it suitable for a nice dinner out in the town. I finished the outfit with these comfortable kitten heels from Ann Taylor. If you do not own a pair of these heels, I suggest you begin your collection soon.

Shop the look : Banana Republic Pants,
Kendra Scott Rose Quartz Earrings,
Black Heels, Blouse (similar, similar)

Count down to Fredricksburg


This weekend I will be heading to Fredricksburg to indulge in relaxation and wine. My husband and I have been so busy lately with our jobs and various projects that we haven’t had time to relax. We were finally able to plan a nice weekend get away to wine country. In my opinion, eating cheese while sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine is the perfect way to relax. I love partaking in wine tastings and finding out what pairs well with each one. Does anyone recommend a good wine or pairing to try?

Let’s celebrate in Austin


My birthday was last week, so Roland and I celebrated by driving into Austin to spend time with some great friends. My ultimate favorite food is Italian. We ate at a local restaurant and at the end, indulged in this delicious chocolate drizzled pound cake with caramel glazed bananas.  We then traveled to the Kendra Scott store and stopped for a latte at Joe’s coffee shop. They have this unique wall that has gotten so much exposure over the past year.  We finished off the day by visiting my favorite stores such as Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. It was the perfect Saturday! Not sure if you can tell, but it was raining the entire time we took pictures at the wall 🙂

A Year Wiser


I officially turned 27 yesterday and instead of feeling a year older, I feel a year wiser. I reflected on my 26th year, and realized I have learned so much. I can finally say I am pleased with everything I have done and have become. The year of 27 will be a great one. I have many projects coming up and can’t wait to begin them. It’s important to continue setting goals for yourself. Always aim larger than what you think you can accomplish. You will surprise yourself!

An Evening of Comfort


After a long day at work,  I love to come home, turn on some candles, and relax. Today I turned on one of my favorite scents called “Winter Wonderland by Sonoma”. It provides a light aroma perfect for the evening. Along with lighting candles I will indulge in the latest book that I am currently reading for an hour or so. At the moment I am currently reading “Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg” Any recommendations for my next book to read?

Daily Beauty Basics: Make-Up

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My daily make-up routine consists of a few select products that me a natural everyday look. I have tried many make-up products over the past years, however, these products have a special place in my cosmetic bag. It is important to understand your skin type. My skin type is normal/slightly oily.  I focus on make-up that will not produce oil throughout the day.

1. bareMinerals Primer : This primer is great for oil-control. I put it on my face after I have applied my day cream. You can instantly see that the oil from the cream becomes subtle. I use this on a daily basis and it helps my make-up stay on all day without having to touch it up.

2. bareMinerals Bareskin: This foundation has been the best I have used. It goes on smoothly and feels so light to the touch. It stays on all day and does not need to be touched up throughout the day. If you wear foundation, I highly recommend this product. You will not regret it.

3. bareMinerals Face Brush: I use this face brush in conjunction with the bareMinerals Bareskin foundation. It allows for a smooth application that will not leave lines or creases.

4. Clinque Concealer: I have used this concealer for over 5 years, it is a permanent staple in my cosmetic bag. This concealer conceals even the darkest dark circles. It goes on light and smooth and blends in well with your skin.

5. Laura Mercier Eye Liner (Espresso): This eyeliner goes on really smooth and does not smear when rubbed. I prefer to use the espresso color to make my eyes stand out, since I have dark brown eyes and dark hair.

6. Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara (Black): Majority of the time I prefer to have a natural look. I highly recommend this mascara. It allows you to have a natural look while adding a hint of color to add the glam you need on a daily basis. The brush is thin, and allows you to focus in on your eye lashes giving enough definition to create a long lash look.

7. bareMinerals Eye Lash Curler: At first I thought this eye lash curler was going to be of poor quality with a brand name put on it. I decided to give it a trail run and instantly fell in love with it.  I have been using it for several months and the best part is, it does not pinch. Plus, it will leave your eye lashes curled for hours!

8. bareMinerals Bronzer (Skinny Dip): When I first purchased this bronzer, I was not sure how this bronzer would appear on my skin. I am used to having a hint of sparkle when I wear bronzer. This particular bronzer does not have any sparkle. I began to wear it on a daily basis and realized that it gave me the natural look I had been in search for. It brightened up my face and gave me the exact bronze color I needed.

9. bareMinerals Angle Brush: I love using this brush in conjunction with the bronzer. I love how the angle of this brush allows me to focus on areas that I want to apply the bronzer to.

A Hint of Sparkle Never Hurt


Shop This Look: Snowflake Sweater ,Twill Leggings Black Heels 

Some days I love to add a little sparkle or color to my wardrobe which consist of mostly neutrals and solids. I like to say that a little sparkle never hurt anyone. This sweater adds that touch of glam that you need once in a while. Since the sweater contains a bold design, I would pair the outfit with minimal jewelry. My everyday jewelry consist of pearl earrings and a gold watch. This sweater pairs perfectly with these twill leggings that I have previously blogged about. These leggings are versatile and pair well with different styles of tops. In the event of a busy day at work or out on the town, low heels are a must. These 2 inch heels go perfectly with any outfit that you want to add a touch of feminine too. These leggings and heels are key items to have in your closet. You can create and mismatch outfits with these few select items. 

A Touch of Black with a Hint of Color


My weekends mostly consist of catching up on errands, spending time with my husband, and going on long walks with Koda (my puppy). This morning the weather was perfect so Koda and I decided to go for a long walk. Today’s outfit called for a pairing of black on black with a hint of color. This Black Sweater is so comfortable and warm and it goes perfectly with different styles of pants. I paired this sweater with these amazing Twill Leggings (on sale right now). I fell in love with these leggings the minute I wore them. They are very comfortable and can be dressed up and dressed down. To finish off the outfit I decided to add a hint of color. These Leopard Flats (on sale right now) complete the outfit to give it a comfortable and feminine style.