A Hint of Sparkle Never Hurt


Shop This Look: Snowflake Sweater ,Twill Leggings Black Heels 

Some days I love to add a little sparkle or color to my wardrobe which consist of mostly neutrals and solids. I like to say that a little sparkle never hurt anyone. This sweater adds that touch of glam that you need once in a while. Since the sweater contains a bold design, I would pair the outfit with minimal jewelry. My everyday jewelry consist of pearl earrings and a gold watch. This sweater pairs perfectly with these twill leggings that I have previously blogged about. These leggings are versatile and pair well with different styles of tops. In the event of a busy day at work or out on the town, low heels are a must. These 2 inch heels go perfectly with any outfit that you want to add a touch of feminine too. These leggings and heels are key items to have in your closet. You can create and mismatch outfits with these few select items.