A Hint of Sparkle Never Hurt


Shop This Look: Snowflake Sweater ,Twill Leggings Black Heels 

Some days I love to add a little sparkle or color to my wardrobe which consist of mostly neutrals and solids. I like to say that a little sparkle never hurt anyone. This sweater adds that touch of glam that you need once in a while. Since the sweater contains a bold design, I would pair the outfit with minimal jewelry. My everyday jewelry consist of pearl earrings and a gold watch. This sweater pairs perfectly with these twill leggings that I have previously blogged about. These leggings are versatile and pair well with different styles of tops. In the event of a busy day at work or out on the town, low heels are a must. These 2 inch heels go perfectly with any outfit that you want to add a touch of feminine too. These leggings and heels are key items to have in your closet. You can create and mismatch outfits with these few select items. 

A Touch of Black with a Hint of Color


My weekends mostly consist of catching up on errands, spending time with my husband, and going on long walks with Koda (my puppy). This morning the weather was perfect so Koda and I decided to go for a long walk. Today’s outfit called for a pairing of black on black with a hint of color. This Black Sweater is so comfortable and warm and it goes perfectly with different styles of pants. I paired this sweater with these amazing Twill Leggings (on sale right now). I fell in love with these leggings the minute I wore them. They are very comfortable and can be dressed up and dressed down. To finish off the outfit I decided to add a hint of color. These Leopard Flats (on sale right now) complete the outfit to give it a comfortable and feminine style.