I apologize for taking a brief break from blogging. I am officially back and I am excited to start up again.  A lot has happened within the past month. I want to start off my journey back with a praise report.

A few weeks ago, my grandfather suffered two major strokes. The second stroke paralyzed the left side of his body.  The physician had wrote my grandfather off, she told the family he would never walk, move, or be the same ever again.  During the time of weakness, my grandfather continued to quote scriptures,  pray,  and praise God in the time of his storm.

While the family was gathered around my grandfather’s hospital bed saying their good-byes and trying to remain strong for him, he remained to be strongest one in the entire room.  He fought with every breath he had left to speak and tell the whole family to follow God.  He displayed a true representation of God’s servant.  My grandfather made it past that evening.  By the grace of God he received a new physician that day.  His new physician had hope,  he displayed confidence that my grandfather would make it through this rough patch.  Later we found out he was a follower of God.

A week after the strokes,  my grandfather began to gain strength, he began to talk,  and began to open up his eyes.  A few days ago,  with the help of assistance,  my grandfather sat up for the first time since the strokes. As of today, my grandfather is talking more clearly,  undergoing physical therapy,  and slowly recovering from two massive strokes.

I want to praise God for everything he has done for my grandfather.  We all believed he was in his last days.  God had a different plan, he showed us that my grandfather’s time here on earth is not over.  My grandfather has shown his strength,  he has shown his commitment to God,  and he has been given the chance to witness to anyone that comes within sight of him.

If you are reading this,  I want to let you know that what you have read is a true representation of God’s love and healing.  God was in control of my grandfather’s situation the whole time. At times we may feel that we are in control of our lives.  Most of us have our lives mapped out to the end of time.  I want you to know that your plan does not matter,  the only plan that matters is God’s plan for you.  If you are unsure of what your purpose is here on this earth,  pray and seek God.  He is the only one that can lead you down the path set out for you.  If you have any questions,  please feel free to ask.  Thank you for reading.  God bless.